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Legatum (pronounced lē gā tum) is a BC law firm with a
practice focus on estate litigation.

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What is Estate Litigation?

Estate disputes (sometimes called estate litigation) often erupt during a time of tragedy such as the illness, injury, or death of a loved one.  It's a time when emotions are already running high and old wounds are reopened.  As a result, estate litigation can be emotionally charged and very painful.

Estate litigation usually erupts when a person’s rights or property get transferred from one generation to the next.  These transfers are often (but not always) between members of the same family.

Resolving estate litigation disputes

Resolving estate litigation disputes is our focus at Legatum.  Doing so in a way that minimizes emotional suffering and legal expense requires balancing a sensitivity to frustration and pain (that may have been accumulating for years) with the rigor and precision required to determine what people’s legal rights are.

Legatum’s objective is to help families in crisis find a resolution to their estate litigation dispute as quickly and as inexpensively as possible.  We also look to foster the reconciliation of relationships as much as possible. 

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