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Our approach.

At Legatum, our goal is to provide families in crisis with fast, effective, and where possible inexpensive solutions to their estate litigation disputes. By taking a more personable approach with our clients and by taking the time to understand your family’s unique circumstances, we are able to help them work resolution with the additional goal of fostering reconciliation between family members in dispute. Reconciliation is not always possible but the legal issues must be resolved.

We understand that an estate dispute often occurs during times of tragedy, such as the illness, injury, or death of a loved one. Emotions are running high at this point and people can make rash decisions and say hurtful things to each other. At Legatum, we understand this and that is why we focus on resolving estate disputes in a way that minimizes emotional suffering and legal expense. We do this by approaching the frustration and pain of a family dispute with sensitivity. We balance this sensitive approach with the rigor and precision required to determine what people’s legal rights are. Our objective is to help our clients reach their desired outcome as quickly and as inexpensively as possible.

In this digital age, there are a great many cost-effective benefits that come from the strategic use of technology. Legatum utilizes technology to provide more cost-effective services to our clients.

At Legatum, we recognise that estate disputes—and especially estate litigation—is extremely stressful. We strive to shoulder as much of that burden as our clients allow so that they can live their lives with less worry.

Our history.

Since Legatum first opened its doors in January of 2014, our sole focus has been on providing clients with competent, caring legal services. Our focus has been estate litigation from day one. We have enjoyed helping people through difficult times for more than half a decade.

At Legatum, we want to help people retain and keep relationships as best as we can. To be sure, Legatum is a law firm. We are not family counselors. However, relationships and conflicting personalities are often a key aggravating factor in estate disputes: an aggravating factor that must be understood if a legal solution is to be achieved. From our beginning, Legatum has focused on understanding the unique relationship dynamics in every case. This is an important part of Legatum’s service to its clients and it is a necessary step in finding timely and cost-effective solutions. Another important part of Legatum’s service is communication. We strive to ensure our clients understand what is going with their case at every stage of the dispute or litigation process.

How we bill for our services

Depending on the nature of your case, Legatum offers two different methods of payment: contingency fee and reasonable fee.

Contingency Fees: If Legatum determines your matter is suitable, a contingency fee payment method means that you do not have to pay any legal fees (the firm’s work) or disbursements (expenses such as court filing fees, expert reports, and other administrative costs that Legatum had to pay to push your dispute forward) until your dispute is settled or the court makes a judgment in your case. Your legal fees will be based on a percentage of the gross amount of the settlement or court judgement. Your disbursements will be deducted from the settlement amount or court judgement. The percentage Legatum charges will be set with your agreement.

Reasonable Fees: The reasonable fee payment method is a “pay as you go” option. Generally speaking, clients tend to pay less in legal fees when the pay for the legal services on an ongoing basis. Legatum’s reasonable fee method is a set based on the value of the services received. The value services is based on a review of a number of factors such as the time spent working on the case, the complexity of the dispute, and the result achieved.

All of Legatum’s bills are fully reviewable by its clients so they understand how the bills are set.
To find out more information about our payment options, please contact us.

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Mr. Misner, in my opinion, was quite remarkable as my solicitor. He was professional and empathetic so that nothing I faced legally was unanticipated.

~ Rawle E., Ontario

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