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Making a trust claim?

Whether there are missing assets from an estate or the will-maker promised you something from their estate that you did not receive, Legatum is here to fight for your best interests. Request an appointment. Free Advice

Trust Claims.

Are there missing estate assets? Did the will-maker promise you something from his or her estate? Did the will-maker promise to pay you or compensate you for work that has not been paid for?  Has the estate benefited from your work without compensation to you and at your expense?  Is the will-maker’s name on a title of property you own? Legatum can assist you in determining what your legal entitlements are and how you can secure those entitlements.

Gifts Before and After Death.

A person has a right to give their property or money to whomever they wish.  However, when a person makes an uncharacteristic gift of money or property in odd circumstances, such as when a person is suffering from a mental disability, a court may order the money be given back.  In addition, if property has been transferred to avoid a debt or duty to others, the court can reverse those transfers.  Legatum can assist you with determining the circumstances around the gift and whether or not a court would order the money to be returned.

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